One to one therapy focusses on a safe supportive space to discuss matters posing psychological concern, distress and internal suffering.  It presents an opportunity to talk about personal issues in confidence and connect to the feelings associated with these issues.  In essence, it provides an opportunity to break down barriers to positive emotional and mental well-being.  


Dr Neil draws on a number of therapeutic approaches such as Person Centred, Cognitive Behavioural, Systemic and Psychodynamic approaches.  He takes an integrative approach, tailoring his perspective to individual circumstances, problems and clinical needs.  


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Couples can reach problems in the course of their relationship and develop detrimental patterns of behaviour. In couples’ therapy, the couple are the client. The therapist provides the tools and insight for both to thrive.


Taking a Systemic or family therapy approach, couples can positively benefit from psychotherapy. It can provide awareness, work to reduce and resolve conflict and give both partners in the relationship the tools needed to make behavioural change. It can therefore strengthen a couple’s relationship and benefit the relationship’s short to long-term future. A focus on communication skills, ease of emotional expression and becoming solutions focussed assists couples in making healthier choices in relation to their partner. 

Dr Neil draws on extensive experience working with couples and using a Systemic approach.


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Therapy provides coping skills and tools effective for the management of a dependant or addictive presentation. Psychological and social factors such as stress, our environment and social networks can be powerful triggers for addictive use.


Psychotherapy can assist in understanding ourselves better and around our drug of choice. It can also support other mental health conditions that may be playing a role.


Dr Neil uses principally a Cognitive Behavioural and Systemic approach to provide initial front-line tools and coping techniques. Understanding the broader psycho-social context is important for establishing fundamental behavioural change. Motivational interviewing, understanding our attachment to others and a focus on maintenance of healthier choices also play an important role in addictions therapy.


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Family Therapy focusses on the emotional and psychological phenomena affecting our relationship to self and others within the family structure  It is a talking based treatment designed to support individuals within the family unit in resolving their distress.  Family Therapy also helps to provide understanding in how the psychological is informing the interpersonal.  In other words, the relationship we have with ourselves affecting how we interact with others.   


Dr Neil has worked with a number of individuals in helping them to first and foremost build a deeper sense of self-awareness and intimacy with themselves.  Looking at the psychodynamics surrounding prior experiences can prove particularly helpful in assisting an individual in returning to a sense of wholeness and wellbeing in their relationship to self and indeed others.  


Much of the challenge that presents itself, focusses on individuals within the family system feeling unable to articulate issues surrounding loss, shame, insecurity, societal and familial stigma as well as an esteemed sense of self and interpersonal confidence – amongst others. Looking at their impact on emotional expression in relation to others, can assist with healing distress within a given family system.  


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The socio-cultural landscape for today’s adolescent is distinct from prior generations’ experience and more so than ever before. The influence of social-media, online video platforms and understandings of what it means to an adolescent, shape young people’s perceptions of themselves and how they interact with the world. Adolescents are equally attuned to mental health challenges, often labelling their experiences openly. Their experiences can nevertheless present as challenging, feel pressured and competitive and at times overwhelming.


Dr Neil has worked with a number of adolescents, providing a safe space to talk freely and openly about matters that present repeated distress and concern. He has offered support around building confidence and self-esteem, bullying, developing sexuality, peer pressure, regulation of feelings, navigating relationships as well as supporting exam stress alongside experiences of depression, anxiety, self-harm and issues around body image and food.


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Dr Neil trained as a Counselling Psychologist because he recognised not only a personal lack of support, but stigma particularly growing up, surrounding accessing talking therapy. Thankfully times have changed and we have come to appreciate the efficacies of talking therapy and of having another present to both professionally hearing and validating our experiences.


Dr Neil takes an integrative approach in his work drawing on a tailored Cognitive Behavioural, Systemic, Psychodynamic or Person-Centred approach to best support clients and their presenting problems. He draws on equally eclectic life experience as well as many years of both study and clinical training, taking a quietly passionate interest in supporting individuals in finding strength in their authentic sense of self, indeed personal place in life.


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